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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Your cost is proportional to the duration of the flight and associated costs, regardless of the number of passengers travelling. Our quotes are comprehensive, honest and realistic. D.B. Air promises that you, your time, comfort, convenience and safety are always our top priorities.
A: The aircraft's maximum takeoff weight consists of passengers, baggage and fuel, therefore making it a trade off between all three factors. For example, a typical hour and a half flight would leave a maximum available weight of 1500lbs for passengers and/or baggage. This means more weight is available for shorter trips and less for longer trips.
A: There are no size limitations on baggage as long as we can fit it on the plane and it is within the weight limitations on duration of travel and amount of passengers. Soft sided luggage and duffel bags are preferred.
A: There is no washroom facility onboard the aircraft.
A: No. With D.B. Air you hop on the plane and go. There are no waits or long lines that come with the stress of taking an airline flight. And when travelling to and from the United States, the customs officers typically meet the aircraft.
A: Our cancellation fees are outlined in the Terms and Conditions. We use our discretion if the situation arises. 
A: Complimentary cold drinks and snacks are provided on all flights. Special catering is available at additional cost, please see the Terms and Conditions.
A: Yes. There is free parking at most of the executive terminals that we can operate from.